“Undone” EP
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Sing for me in falsetto!
here’s an apple core for your trouble

Why believe in god
when there’s walk-in therapy?

5pm is the loneliest hour
it’s an epidemic

Back home
everyone’s getting married



geena kaye is a 20-something musician and writer. she was raised bilingual in germany by a minnesotan mother who played carole king and carly simon cds in the car, and a german father who blasted pink floyd and beethoven on his record player. kaye’s influences are both old and new- joni mitchell, aimee mann, bon iver, the xx and phoebe bridgers are all somehow a part of her eclectic, singer-songwriter come realist poetic style. her EP undone was released in june 2018, and she is working on new music and a collection of poems to be released in spring 2019.