geena kaye writes songs about (hopefully) relatable life things: the new girl your ex is venmo-ing, leaving behind the would-be love-of-your-life on a street corner, your parents selling your childhood home, anxiety, doing dumb things to look cool, etc. etc. Angsty Dance Bops For The Millennial Soul. but with a self-deprecating sense of humor and a shimmery electric guitar, geena kaye adeptly makes the whole thing a little less emo and a little more alt-pop.


are a dream

1am at the honky tonk in williamsburg
an L train more crowded than on a monday morning

bodega bagel & a reckless citibike ride
baking banana nut bread 

cut off all my hair & finally I’m free
my shoelaces are untied & I want your skin

don’t have my life together but I can run thirteen miles
through prospect park