was unexpected.  C told me last night at drinks (for her, a club soda) that we would get two inches this morning but I still wasn’t prepared for the potatochip size flakes that coated the world outside with a sugary melt-in-your-mouth blanket of snow. I wrapped a blanket scarf around my neck and took the train to williamsburg, intending to work on my thesis at toby’s estate (my office lately), but due to the little blizzard outside there were no seats,


as expected.  sitting at the laptop free table (so berlin), reading poems.  you came up from behind and wrapped your arms around my chest.  neither of us are actually doing anything today besides a few commitments in the evening, sort of.  you: a housewarming party for friends you like but don’t particularly care to spend too much time with. me: baking banana bread and still attempting to work on my frail thesis. instead we decide to brave the elements and wander


the still-pristine streets. you take my hand when we cross under the bridge and i tilt my head toward the sky to catch snowflakes on my tongue.  we decide we'll patent a glove that can accommodate two hands, a handholding glove.  we decide we'll get rich because all of the brooklyn millennials will buy them for valentine’s day because february is desperately cold and handholding is winter’s


redeeming quality.  we do a dance on the sidewalk waiting to cross the street and you kiss me until a truck honks at us to move. you laugh and I decide that it is the loveliest sound I’ve heard in a while.  later when I read you rilke poems at a tiny bookstore called thug nation you tell me it makes your day.  alone even later at the strand I buy you a book of rilke poems and vow to call my father more often and listen to german news podcasts.  briefly: the first snow in bk was