i wanna lingr in mornings wth you.
quake lke th ground in a seismic zone.
moan into yr neck.  name all the specks of green
in yr eyes.  (let’s call thm frank, sloan & drew.)
i wanna crwl into you.  become 1.
sometimes whn you look at me i think
i am inside you.  it mkes me wanna touch you.
kiss yr earlobes.  kiss yr jaw.  breathe into
yr open mouth.  snooze yr alarm.
i wanna lingr a while longr in you.
you kiss me wth yr eyes open.  i close my eyes
whn you reach for my hand on th street.  you smile
lke mountains.  it mkes me wanna melt into you. 
sometimes i frgt how to speak my mother tongue & stttr
in german.  tryna say:  i wanna stay a while wth you.
i wanna see th town where you grew up. go to each
of its 13 nail salons & eat at evry pizza parlor. 
i wanna make you banana loaf.  run my fngrs thru
yr hair.  drive smwhere in yr subaru.