there will be suitcases and tennis shoes

                     backpacks and baggy sweaters

                     and passports and parents.

there will be worries and whispers and water bottles 

                     and the occasional kid that can’t 

                     make it to the bathroom on time.

there will be stories and statues and starlight

                     cards and callouses and conundrums 

                     and jet-lagged dogs in containers.

there will be groans and germs and ghosts

                     high-fives and middle fingers

                     and kisses to make up for fuck-ups.

it could be you and me in an airplane over the sea but

                     on the off-chance that we do crash

                     it won’t matter much because our souls

                     will grow wings and watch the world

                     wide-eyed while everything beneath

                     heaven sleeps.